Is the United States headed toward civil war under a

'communist' President Barack Obama?



Edward Topol: 'America on the Verge of a Civil War' (Argumenty i Facty, Russia)


"In America, 95 percent of the population is historically accustomed to living how they like, no matter what's happening in government. For a long time, Americans couldn’t believe that they in fact elected a communist, and that Obama seriously planned to build socialism out of capitalism. But they are slow to place blame - they are a very trusting people."


Interview with Edward Topol*


Translated By Casey Patrick Reilly


August 28, 2012


Russia - Argument y Facty - Original Article (Russian)

The cover of Newsweek Magazine, Nov. 19, 1973, during the Middle East oil crisis: How would Americans today react to shortages even more severe?


FOX 34 NEWS, Texas: Texas Judge Tom Head warns of Civil War if President Obama is re-elected, Aug. 23, 00:01:57RealVideo

Argumenty i Facty interviews famed Russian novelist, former Communist Party apparatchik and part time U.S. resident Edward Topol, conducted by Sergei Grachev.


Argumenty i Facty: Edward Vladimirovich, with the approach of autumn, discussions are beginning again about the future of the [Russian] protest movement, and whether in some way they have altered our society and government. What do you think about this?


Edward Topol: My sense is that society is living through a time of birth - and not only in Moscow. The question is whether to allow that birth or have an abortion. I don't think it feasible to suppress the protests, because for the first time in Russian history, a generation has appeared that was not instilled with a fear of authority. The authorities understand this and will now try to instill this fear, but it is unlikely to succeed. Although courage has not yet fully taken hold, it is nevertheless inherent in the new generation of 20 to 30 year olds. For people to have taken to the streets en masse, they really must have been provoked.


Argumenty i Facty: And isn’t an overbearing bureaucracy a part of the reason?


Edward Topol: Absolutely. In Russia, history has molded us in such a way that the officer cannot serve both society and ruler at the same time. To remain on the throne, these so-called servants of the people will stop at nothing. The power of delicious bread - it is an old story. Again, the appetite comes with the eating. If you "skimmed off" a million rubles today, then tomorrow you will want to "skim off" five million, and the next day - ten. It's like a drug. The system of bureaucracy squeezes honest and intelligent people out of its ranks, or transforms them under its influence. And servants of the ruler keep trying to top themselves pleasing him even more than he expects them to. Zealous and kissing ass, they have finally gone too far, having gotten carried away with repressive measures. Naturally, people are angry. This provokes them.


Argumenty i Facty: Have you read the open letter to President Makarevich [Putin] about how kickbacks in the country have risen by up to 95 percent, and that something must be done about it?


Edward Topol: I read it, and generally speaking, Putin's response to the letter didn’t surprise me. The president said that society must democratize itself and that businesses are to blame - and there is no need to pay bribes. But if they’re not paid, many businesses would close overnight! They wouldn't be given work to do! I think that even if the president tried to radically change the situation, nothing would happen. The pyramid of corruption has solidified. This is no secret. And if anyone really tried to shake up that pyramid, it would sweep them away.


I remember when I was about 20, I worked as a journalist for the newspaper Baku Worker, and had the opportunity to read the transcripts of speeches of party leaders before they were censored and edited. And somehow, the editor received a transcript of a conversation Khrushchev has with some miners in Donbass. The miners were very unhappy about something. And Khrushchev told them, "Give me the name of whatever minister you're unhappy with, and I'll fire him from his post tomorrow! But you know, I can’t dismiss the whole ministry!" That is, he was telling them that, in fact, he couldn’t do anything about the bureaucratic pyramid.


Americans Cannot Imagine Bread Lines


Argumenty i Facty: As you live in two countries, Russia and the United States, it would be interesting to know what people in the U.S. think and say about what's happening with us?

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Edward Topol: America isn't concerned with Russia at the moment. It is wholly absorbed in its own problems. And the main issue of concern to Americans is, will Obama remain in the White House? For the United States - in the literal sense of the word - this is a matter of life and death. Today, finally, many people have woken up to the fact that that a second Obama term marks the end of the United States - or at least the end of what the U.S. has been for the past 200 years. Now people are saying openly that the White House has fallen under the control of communists. And in view of the Russian experience, these people will not give up their power in a democratic way. The situation there is far more tragic than in Russia. In the next few months, dramatic changes are coming to the U.S. People are stocking up with food and weapons. I'm not kidding - not exaggerating!




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A man living in Russia might be thinking, but how could this happen to America! ...  And when you see your neighbors, friends and acquaintances buying boxes of food for a rainy day, stocking up on rifles, shotguns, pistols, it’s frightening. Sadly, a civil war is likely to occur in the U.S. Obama signed a decree on March 16 according to which, in case of emergency, which he himself may declare, the government has the right to deprive the population of weapons, food, vehicles, and so on.


[Editor's Note: Mr. Topol refers to an executive order called National Defense Resources Preparedness which, according to some, puts the United States on a "war footing."]


Argumenty i Facty: That is even stricter than all of our new prohibitions! And how did Americans respond to this decree?


Edward Topol: They didn’t respond at all! Even if they stepped in shit - the inert majority wouldn’t smell it! People in Russia are used to monitoring every new step taken by power, being aware of all the new laws, because your everyday existence is directly dependent on this power. In America, 95 percent of the population is historically accustomed to living how they like, no matter what's happening in government. For a long time, Americans couldn’t believe that they in fact elected a communist, and that Obama seriously planned to build socialism out of capitalism. But they are slow to place blame - they are a very trusting people.


Argumenty i Facty: Not more trusting than the Russians, surely ...


Edward Topol: What are you talking about? They are much more trusting than us at times! They’ve hardly even had a taste of life [in Russian terms]! When I moved to America 30 years ago, the first thing I did was find my aunt, who was born and raised there. We had a long conversation, I told her about the war [WWII], which occurred during my childhood, about hunger, about the bread coupons and the eternal Soviet deficit. She listened to me, and said, "You think you are the only one who suffered? We also suffered greatly. There were times when we were forced to make do with only one chicken.”



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Do you understand the gap in perceptions - of what it means to live in poverty? Another example: in the early 1980s, when the U.S. unemployment rate, inflation and bankruptcies were close to Great Depression levels, I saw how fights broke out among Americans waiting in line for gasoline. They don’t know what lines are really like - or what it means to have numbers stamped on your hand in indelible ink. They can't imagine the possibility of standing in a bread line all day! They just can't wrap their heads around it! In this sense, of course, Russians adapted to the difficulties.


By the way, the other day it was reported that George Soros is buying gold. This is a very accurate indicator of impending disaster. It is known that Soros initially finances actions like riots and "Occupy Wall Street," which turn into revolutions, and then buys gold, the price of which soars to the heavens during revolts and civil wars. Thus, the second phase is already underway.


*Edward Topol is a former member of the Communist Party and journalist/writer in the Soviet system, and now is a novelist, screenwriter and essayist. He has lived on and off in the United States for 30 years.





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