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Christmas Day Plot Yet Another Case of 'Terrorism on Demand'


"The case of Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab of Nigeria suggests that there's a hidden hand behind it, and that there are more than storms and clouds in the air! This is terrorism on demand."


By Dawood Al Basri


Translated By Nicolas Dagher


January 2, 2010


Iraq - Sotal Iraq - Original Article (Arabic)

Troubled Youth: Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab has been charged by the United States with attempting to blow up an aircraft which was enroute from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day.


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Everything in the case of Umar Farouk suggests that there's a lot more than storms and clouds in the air.


Suddenly, after a long silence in regard to global terrorist operations against aviation security, Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab shows up, or indeed, is made to show up, as part of a new terrorist ploy in the form of powdery explosives hidden in his underwear! This means that Muslim and Arab travelers, in order to cross security checkpoints at the world’s airports, must now remove their pants to certify their security credentials! And as you know, this very stressful process is enough to push a person to travel in their underwear if only to avoid delays and the humiliation that comes from being subject to such doubt and suspicion!


I don't why I have such an overwhelming feeling that what this Nigerian “punk” did is just an old, worn-out and poorly-planned intelligence and media ploy, parts of which we've seen in Hollywood spy movies and action films. Perhaps it's because of the way this operation was executed, which suggests it was merely a set-up to lure the media and expand the scope and depth of a new chapter in the war on terror.


Every detail about the Nigerian youth raises doubts, question marks and fear. How was Mutallab able to travel from Yemen in the South to Britain in the North, go through the difficult process of getting his hands on an American visa - no easy task for a Third Worlder - and then attempt to blow up a plane from Amsterdam as it came in for a landing at the U.S. airport in Detroit rather than up in the air, as a suicide attempt of this kind normally requires?




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Also strange and surprising is that Western intelligence services claim to have had detailed information about this young man from Nigeria, including about his extremism and warnings from his father about his behavior! And despite all this, he moves and flies freely, traveling around the world, coming and going in comfort whenever he likes until the last moment when he bursts out at the level of the American presidency.


From my observations of the West, I can confirm that many Western intelligence services attract extremists and provide them with asylum and residency permits, passports, travel documents, freedom of movement and the capacity to hold meetings and communicate with members of other cells.


All of this is strictly monitored and controlled. And when they want to score political, media or security points, all of this information is exposed at once. For example, in Norway there is a visible presence of many extremist fundamentalist groups, including former ministers of the Taliban government, as well as refugees with extremist views who openly proclaim their animosity toward the West and its values. They live openly in various European countries without causing the least suspicion, because the hand of the intelligence services maintains a very tight grip over their movements and leaves nothing to chance. But they become fodder for local media every time their statements cause an uproar.  



For example, just before President Barack Obama's recent visit to Oslo to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, Norwegian police announced they had detained a Pakistani extremist called “Bati” until the departure of the American president. Everything is under control unless there are specific and clear objectives. Then the lid of the genie bottle is opened and all of the demons and information is released at once.


The case of Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab of Nigeria suggests that there's a hidden hand behind it, and that there are more than storms and clouds in the air! This is terrorism on demand.



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