Fledgling despot Kim Jong-un inspects a museum largely about himself

and his family, in this photo from the Korean Central News Agency.



U.S. Has ‘Compelled’ North Korea to Build Nuclear Weapons (Rodong Sinmun, North Korea)


Can the United States be blamed for the existence of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program? According to this editorial from Pyongyang’s state-run Rodong Sinmun, blaming the victim for provoking war is an ‘old imperialist trick’ that will not work this time, and that if pushed too far, North Korea’s answer will be ‘merciless.’ More of a conventional editorial, it seems that the Kim Jong-un regime has taken a step back from Pyongyang’s past Stalinist rhetoric.




July 9, 2012


North Korea - Rodong Sinmun – Original Article (English)

Members of a newly-formed perfomance troop that appears to include Disney characters, perform for an audience that included dictator Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Snow White and Tigger come to North Korea, July 8, 00:01:15RealVideo

The reckless moves to provoke a war by the United States and its puppet clique in south Korea have worsened inter-Korean relations and raised tension on the Korean Peninsula, causing fear and anxiety both at home and abroad.


[Editor’s Note: North Korean regime and its media lower cases the “s” in South Korea to indicate its opposition to its existence as an independent nation.]


Recently, frequent meetings and summits have been held around the world that involve repeated moves to impose sanctions, threaten us and infringe on our country's dignity, sovereignty and legal rights.


All of these moves are conducted allegedly to prevent "provocations from the North."


It seems that in their eyes, our possession of nuclear weapons, satellite-launching capabilities for peaceful purposes and the counter measures we have taken against their war plots are "provocations."


Who on earth is it that aggravates tension in the Korean Peninsula – and where does this threat of war actually come from? It is an old imperialist trick to trigger war by accusing others of provoking them. U.S. wars in Korea and Vietnam were typical examples.


The "theory of provocation from the North" is an extension of this aggressive war policy, and an outcome of their evil scheme to trigger a confrontation with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. And it is the nuclear issue upon which they have focused and sought to find fault.


The DPRK has all along maintained that the Korean Peninsula must be a nuclear-free zone. So how is it that we ourselves have come to be a nuclear power? To answer that, one must answer another question: Where does the nuclear threat come from, and who is threatening whom?


During the Korean War, by virtue of Atomic-bomb blackmail, they shepherded many Koreans to the south, tearing asunder tens of millions of Korean families.


Every Korean knows that it is was the United States that first introduced nuclear weapons to the Korean Peninsula, turning the south into the world largest nuclear base, while for decades holding nuclear war exercises.

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Moreover, south Korea has become an advanced base for a nuclear war, and its rulers have become a shock force for the United States by participating in America’s nuclear war strategy. Therefore, they have no right to say anything about our nuclear deterrence.



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Our satellite launches are another issue they find fault with. By describing our peaceful satellite launch as a long-range missile test, they have ruptured DPRK-U.S. negotiations and the six-party talks.


Space development is a universally recognized right of all nations. Many countries have launched satellites, just as we have – and we have every right to do so.


Before the satellite launch, we invited foreign experts and media to observe what was going on. Everything was very transparent, yet the south Korean puppets once again asserted the absurd claim that intercontinental ballistic missile technology was applied to our satellite launch, and that therefore, it could not be justified.


According to their logic, Japan's satellite launches are also aimed at the developing intercontinental ballistic missiles, as have south Korea's launches, which have so far repeatedly failed. We must therefore also take issue with these claims.


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The United States in particular has no standing to complain. It has launched scores of satellites every year and regularly updated its missiles and anti-missile defenses. It is therefore most absurd for America to talk about our "missile threat," which up to now has been non-existent.


Every time we take appropriate measures against provocations and threats from the U.S. or south Korea, they blame us for "provoking" or "threatening" them. Defaming the supreme dignity of the DPRK can never be forgiven.


Frantic war efforts on the part of the U.S. and south Korea have compelled us to focus on a defense build up. Nevertheless, they continue to quarrel with us about our human rights practices.


All the facts show that the United States and its south Korean puppet clique are the ones provoking others and who cause confrontation and tension on the Korean Peninsula.


As it has in the past, the DPRK will work patiently to ease tensions and establish a durable peace on the Korean Peninsula. But it will never allow the U.S. and its south Korean puppets to get the better of us on unjustifiable pretexts. Our answer to their provocations will be merciless.


Progressives, the fair-minded global public and south Koreans of all strata should be able to clearly see who the real provoker on this peninsula is - and by raising a voice of solidarity with the just cause of our people, they should categorically reject the "theory of provocation from the North."



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