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Let Us Not Trade Democracy for Assange and His Ilk (Malagahoy, Spain)


"The conspiranoics may confabulate that America's secret services manipulate Sweden like a marionette and that Assange would be extradited to the United States only to be condemned to death by a kangaroo tribunal. I have read and heard it all. I have also read and heard that Hitler went into hiding at the North Pole and Elvis is still alive."


By Carlos Colón


Translated By Halszka Czarnocka


August 19, 2012


Melegahoy - Spain - Original Article (Spanish)

Swashbuckling former Spain Judge Baltasar Garzón: Most widely known for seeking to arrest and prosecute Bush Administration officials for war crimes, his latest assignment is to get Julian Assange out of Britain without being arrested.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Ecuador President Correa Insists on 'Safe Passage' for Assange, Aug, 24, 00:02:31.RealVideo

I trust democratic governments more than Assange and cyber-pirates, Wiki-spies or hackers. I trust more in the U.K. and Sweden as defenders of human rights than in Ecuador. Amid the grotesque circus mounted by Assange and his lawyers, among whom is legal star Baltasar Garzon Real [the judge who sought to try Bush Administration officials for war crimes] one couldn't miss several alarming nuances - the most serious of which is the discrediting of politicians and parliamentary democracies.


This lack of esteem, which is not without cause, could lead to disenchantment with democracy, which always results in fertile ground for adventurers, demagogues, totalitarians, opportunists and other speculators of despair who appear in moments of social crisis, economic constraint and political suspicion, offering a dangerous trade: existing democracy for a more perfect “real democracy,” that always ends up in dictatorship or something even more corrupt.

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A few days back in the ABC newspaper, Ignacio Camacho was warning that Garzón or “Conde Sanchez Gordillo [banker convicted of corruption turned politician] could become Führers of the disillusioned.” Berlusconi was just such a figure, and on a grand scale, as was Gregorio Jesús Gil y Gil on a small one. Assange could be added to their number. His case, in essence, is similar to that of Marcial Maciel - a Mexican-born Catholic priest, founder of the Legion of Christ, accused of sex abuse with little boys and father of at least one child]: both are accused of sex crimes and sought refuge in a “holy cause” - defending Christian purity or freedom of speech and transparency - while their supporters argue that the accusations against them are due to conspiracies on the part of enemies of God (Maciel) or freedom (Assange) striving to end their work of redemption or liberation. In both cases, the Devil himself or demons of the corrupt, capitalist, neocolonial governments that pretend to be democratic are said to be behind the charges against them.



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But it so happens that it was the Pope who accused Maciel. In Assange's case, it is some of the oldest, most established and most advanced of our democracies. Among them, as the prosecutor of sexual offenses, is Sweden, one of the most admired democracies in the world. I don’t believe that the Pope serves the Devil, nor that Sweden is a totalitarian and corrupt country lacking respect for human rights where and the accused lack assurances of a fair trial.


The conspiranoics may confabulate that America's secret services manipulate Sweden like a marionette and that Assange would be extradited to the United States only to be condemned to death by a kangaroo tribunal. I have read and heard it all. I have also read and heard that Hitler went into hiding at the North Pole and Elvis is still alive. Too bad there are those who believe this and have more trust in the Web than they do in parliaments or opportunistic adventurers than in democratically-elected politicians.




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