What was recently a street in North Korea's flood-hit South

Pyongan Province. Is it possible that funneling the lion's share

of national resources to the military has contributed to the

disaster? Pyongyang takes umbrage at the suggestion.



'Ridiculous' Americans Say Songun Ideal Brought on Flood Damage (Korean Central News Agency, North Korea)


Is it possible that Pyongyang's religiously-touted 'Songun' or 'Military First' policy of governance could be behind the tremendous loss of life and property during recent flooding in the country? Apparently not according to the North Korea regime, which calls the charge made by Koreans interviewed by the VOA, a 'ridiculous sophism.'




August 14, 2012


North Korea - Korean Central News Agency – Original Article (English)

Residents of Anju City, in South Phyongan Province, await rescue, June 30.


PRESS TV VIDEO [IRAN, STATE-RUN]: North Korea floods come after the most severe drought in 100 years, July 31, 00:02:37RealVideo

PYONGYANG: It appears that the United States is now intent on curbing the Democratic People's Republic of Korea from enforcing Songun politics, by blaming Songun politics for recent flood damage.


It [the United States] blamed the flood damage in the DPRK on the Songun Ideal.


[Editor's Note: The Songun Ideal [aka/Military First] is said to have been introduced by Kim Jong-il in 1995, as an offshoot of the "Juche Ideal," which means, essentially, "Self Reliance." The Songun Line is like Stalinist Communism on steroids. Like the Soviet Stalinists, it emphasizes military strength over the quality of life of people, regarding it as a necessary stage in the nation's development. It is a belief that literally favors the achievement of the vaguely-defined "creation of an ideological and political life" over the most elemental needs of human beings. What makes this editorial stand out is that it appears to show that the King Jong-un regime intends to tip ever so slightly toward the people's needs and away from the military. In it, it seeks more of a balance between the strength of the army and basic needs of the people. Here is an excerpt from a 2008 Korean news article that sought to explain the Songun Ideal:

"Songun means to regard military affairs as the greatest of State affairs. ... Some people ask: 'Why do north Koreans put such a priority on military affairs while allowing some to go hungry?' and 'Can the gun feed people?' As they say, the gun cannot give food. The essence of the Songun idea is that although guns of the Revolutionary Army cannot make a meal, they can create something even more valuable. Those with the guns of revolution have it within their power to create ideological and political life"


It [the United States] allowed "professors" and defectors to the south to say, in appearances on the Voice of America, that "many aspects of the disaster show a failure on the part of the government's policy" and "to better control flooding, the north should change it Songun politics."



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It is nothing but a ridiculous sophism to link natural disasters that regularly sweep the world and abnormal and unpredictable climatic conditions with Songun politics. This very typical example of U.S. propaganda offers a glimpse into its unending hostility toward the dignity of Songun politics and the DPRK socialist system, and is yet another grave and unpardonable politically-motivated provocation.


[Editor's Note: The Voice of America reported on on Aug. 7: "Heavy rains have triggered deadly floods across much of North Korea since July 25. State media says about 170 people have died in the floods and 400 are missing. More than 200,000 are reported homeless, while 60,000 hectares of farmland have been washed away.]


As has been long recognized by the international community, the cause of independence is one of truth and vitality. In the DPRK, the cause of Songun has already been proven by history as promoting the progress of society and mankind and meeting the desire of the masses for independence.


Gigantic projects to harness nature may face temporary setbacks and unexpected natural disaster. The Democratic People's Republic overcomes such ordeals by dint of the great unity of it army and people under the banner of Songun.


The nation's Songun politics represent the treasured and ever-victorious sword for the protection of the sovereignty and dignity of the country - and welfare of the people.

This screen grab from the Korean Central News Agency shows

a street in Anju City, about 30 miles north of Pyongyang. 


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The DPRK's present drive for building an economic power and for realizing the people's wishes owes a lot to Songun politics, and it remains unchanged in its stand.


With blinders on, however, the U.S. is kicking up mean-spirited propaganda, aimed at influencing the world.


The aim is to undercut the prestige of the Songun-dignified DPRK and build discontent in DPRK society in an effort to bring down Korea-style socialism at any cost.


Trying to force the DPRK to give up Songun politics is little short of forcing it to lay down its arms and surrender. It is just another version of "regime change" and only reveals the absurdity of American assertions that Washington has no hostility toward the DPRK.


If any policy changes are needed, they are surely in the foreign and domestic policies of the U.S.


In 2005, Hurricane "Katrina" hit America, bringing to light the country's political and moral vulnerabilities. The VOA admitted as much at the time, reporting that the disaster highlighted the need to tackle domestic poverty and racism. It is a report that is still fresh in the memory of the world's people.


America's brigandish policy, which disregards the sovereignty of other nations and the right of their peoples to exist, is most responsible for the plights and deaths of innocent people.


As is clearly demonstrable. U.S. policy is the most reactionary and unethical in the world, and itself imposes every kind of disaster on mankind.


Rather than lecturing others, the U.S. should feel ashamed of its own sordid policies.




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