In a heated interview with CNN, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

inadvertently slighted the nation that has sheltered him from justice.



'Insignificant' Ecuador Too Intimidated to Respond to Julian Assange's Insult (El Universo, Ecuador)


"When the reporter asked him why he would not discuss Ecuador, he dropped the timeless phrase: 'because Ecuador is insignificant.' ... As of the writing of these lines, there is no official reaction, which doesn't coincide with the ordinarily loose tongue of the leader (Rafael Correa) and the agility that usually characterizes his government's propaganda machine."


By Simon Pachano


Translated By Acosta Florizul-Perez


December 1, 2012


Ecuador - El Universo - Original Article (Spanish)

"Let's be honest, we have a serious situation here. Whatever little things occur in small countries are not of a concern" said Julian Assange, during a now-famous interview from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London [video below]. Immediately, when the reporter asked him why he would not discuss Ecuador, he dropped the timeless phrase: "because Ecuador is insignificant." Just like that: simple and straightforward. With these two terse sentences, this man could provide plenty of work for semiologists, who would carefully investigate the colloquial and ethnocentric contents of his assertion. For something to be worthy of his attention, it would have to occur in countries that are more than just spots in the map. Such is not the case for the country that has hosted him for the past five months, whose existence would only be discovered by appealing to a second rate public official.


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At first glance, it seems contradictory that amid the nationalism in which we live, we in Ecuador would try to justify these phrases. As always, the argument is that they were taken out of context, which obviously wouldn't hold anywhere. The interview can be seen unedited in the media, so that it can be seen and heard as many times as needed to reconstruct the context yourself. If after this exercise, one isn't convinced that an affront was made against Ecuador, it will only be because you are suffering from what is normally referred to as a "double standard," or because by doing so, you run the risk of being implicated yourself in some way.


The latter may be the explanation for the contemplative attitude of the national government. (As of the writing of these lines, there is no official reaction, which doesn't coincide with the ordinarily loose tongue of the leader [Rafael Correa] and the agility that usually characterizes his government's propaganda machine).

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It's clear that the only possible reaction would be to condemn Assange's statement, which would bring several consequences that the government would surely not want to face. First of all, it could simply condemn his expressions, but a statement like that would have to be accompanied by a demand for a retraction. That would bring the risk that the Australian would say that he didn't mean what it sounded like, and instead could seek to hide behind being allegedly taken out of context, as his organization has. That would be a huge snub to the Ecuadorian authorities.

Assange: 'I analyze the big freedoms - not the small ones

of a country so insignificant, that it took the great liberty

of granting me international asylum.'

El Universo, Ecuador

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Secondly, a condemnation of Assange's comments would require revising the terms of his asylum in the Embassy. The capacity to discuss political issues during media interviews or even permission to give a speech from the balcony of the Ecuadorian delegation, are actions that are totally at odds with the rules governing asylum. Allowing that to continue is to violate both the written and unwritten conventions of international relations. It is easy to imagine that the British government is carefully and unemotionally taking note of these facts, and that this will ultimately influence their final decision.


The problem is that without an adequate response, all the patriotic, nationalistic proclamations of the government in slogan, song, and angry declarations, are undermined.



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