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WikiLeaks: From 'Torch of Democracy' to Anti-American 'Cudgel' (Die Presse, Austria)


"WikiLeaks set out to be the torch of democracy - but instead became a digital cudgel for America-haters. ... And in view of the behavior of Julian Assange, one must to conclude that this development was not mere coincidence - but by design."


By Michael Laczynski


Translated By Ulf Behncke


August 18, 2012


Austria - Die Presse - Original Article (German)

The idea was an deceptively simple and the beginnings were promising: A "news service for the people" was envisioned by enthusiastic idealists who, in 2006, started a digital postal service on the World Wide Web. The WikiLeaks Web site was designed to be a point of contact for whistle blowers around the world who, under the protection of anonymity, wanted to expose alleged abuses by institutions, enterprises and governments.


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who took on the role of itinerant preacher in this staunchly committed and secretive online community, spoke of the blessings of total transparency and the democratizing effect of pure, unfiltered information. It is not without reason that WikiLeaks' slogan is "We Open Governments": government secrecy was to be consigned to history.


This idealism was initially well received. WikiLeaks published documents from the Scientology sect's inner circle, produced evidence of corruption in Kenya including confidential documents from a Swiss Bank. With Assange, Internet activists found a new prophet, media theorists found ample material for scientific research papers, columnists nodded approvingly - and that's how it would have remained, had WikiLeaks not posted a video in 2010 entitled Collateral Murder, which has now been deeply etched into our collective memory, that showed the use of a U.S. Apache helicopter gunship against unarmed civilians in Iraq [video below].



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It was foreseeable that the video's release would trigger a violent reaction from the U.S. government - and that was probably part of the calculus. According to Assange's view of the world, the United States would reveal itself for what it was: a brutal hegemon responsible for all the ills of the planet. Washington obliged and promptly declared WikiLeaks a threat to national security. One could argue the point as to whether or not the U.S. reaction was appropriate - or whether it would not have been better to factually investigate the allegations the video presents, instead of trying naive idealists like Bradley Manning for treason, who provided the video to WikiLeaks. Certainly, however, as a result, WikiLeaks and Assange have experienced a massive surge in popularity.


But the result of releasing Collateral Murder had an additional side effect: the aura of impartiality, which up to then had surrounded WikiLeaks, was gone. What followed was a genuine information war against the United States: documents from Afghanistan, military records about the Iraq War, diplomatic dispatches, internal e-mails from an American security firm - anything Assange could get his hands on that could damage the United States, was posted online. That in the course of this campaign the identities of American informants were revealed was written off as collateral damage. WikiLeaks set out to be the torch of democracy - but instead became a digital cudgel for America-haters.

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And in view of the behavior of Julian Assange, one must to conclude that this development was not mere coincidence - but by design. Those like the WikiLeaks boss, who under orders of Vladimir Putin engage in flattering interviews with champions of democracy like as Hezbullah's Hassan Nasrallah, can only regard the United States as the "Great Satan." For Assange, it is only logical to flee to Ecuador under the protection of diplomatic immunity. It is now up to President Rafael Correa, who himself tends to put unwelcome journalists on trial, to speak further on the benefits of freedom of expression.


What has once again been clearly demonstrated is that information can be collected and deployed as a weapon - and the fact that whistle blowers who expose serious malfeasance must carefully consider who they provide that information to. Their trust in WikiLeaks was certainly misplaced.




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