Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro: He may be paranoid -

but that doesn't mean no one is out to get him ...



Maduro: 'Two-Faced, Hypocritical, Liars' Seek OAS Backing (Correo del Caroni, Venezuela)


"What are they looking for? Do they want this agency to say that I'm not president to justify an invasion? They [the opposition] are registering candidates, and releasing a document to the world saying that election fraud has been committed here. ... they are mounting a brutal war on the economy, so that when we reach [the next election period in] October, November, we're in a dire situation. ... We will seek a new system [for accepting non-dollar currencies] to stabilize the so-called foreign exchange market ... I've been told that the White House has remained 'strangely' silent. You know every time someone says anything, some spokesperson emerges."


-- Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro


Translated By Seren Moore


September 16, 2013


Venezuela - Correo del Caroni - Home Page (Spanish)

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles with supporters almost a year ago. Hugo Chavez has died since then, and Nicolas President Maduro, after barely winning the special election to replace Chavez, is having his win challenged by Capriles at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, part of the OAS system considered by the Maduro government to be U.S. controlled.


KAISER REPORT, RUSSIA TODAY: An examination of the danger of the huge currency devaluations taking place around the world, Aug. 27, 00:25:24RealVideo

Caracas: On Monday [Sept. 9], President Nicolas Maduro defended Venezuela's impending exit from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, declaring that the agency has become an "instrument for the persecution of progressive governments."


The president said that the IACHR had nothing to say about the April 14 elections, over which opposition candidate Henrique Capriles filed a complaint yesterday for alleged fraud and seeking to challenge the results.


Maduro said that the Commission is under the control of the United States, and for that reason, it believes it is a "supranational" power.


"We have to react. It believes itself to be a supranational power, a power above the legitimate governments of the continent. Its time has passed. Now they feign ignorance of Venezuela's electoral system. What does the Commission have to do with the sovereign and autonomous operation of Venezuelan electoral authority? What are they looking for? Do they want this agency to say that I am not president to justify an invasion?, " the president said at a press conference at the seat of government [the Miraflores Palace].


He added that his government would proceed with the steps necessary to withdraw from the Convention [American Convention on Human Rights] in order to leave the Commission, which will be implemented in the coming days [reportedly on Tuesday, Sept. 16].


The president questioned the fact that a Capriles delegate, lawyer Ramón José Medina, had filed a complaint with the Commission [in Washington] about the April elections, the victory of which was narrowly attributed to Maduro.


"He (Medina) is the right-hand man of the biggest fascist of all (Capriles), which relates him to dangerous things. So now he goes to the headquarters of the Commission, to submit a document saying there is a fraudulent electoral system in Venezuela," Maduro said.


"They [the opposition] are registering candidates, and releasing a document to the world saying that fraud has been committed here. In other words, following that logic, a fraud will be committed on the 8th of December," he said. He also accused the opposition of maintaining a "brutal war" on the economy, in order that, "when we reach [the next election period in] October, November, we're in a dire situation."


"They are two-faced, hypocritical, liars and perverts," Maduro declared.


The Foreign exchange market


The president also said Monday he is evaluating the implementation of a system that provides for the use of alternative currencies by the Commission for the Administration of Currency Exchange (CADIVI) and the Ancillary Foreign Currency Administration System (SICAD). "The new system would pursue that goal," stressed our head of state, adding that the objective would be to "stabilize the so-called foreign exchange market," so it reaches an optimal balancing point.


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[Editor's Note: SICAD, which operates in parallel with a decade-long currency control mechanism CADIVI, provides dollars at a weaker rate than the official exchange rate of 6.3 bolivars. According to the Babalu Blog: "This new "SICAD" system is an acknowledgment of the existence of a black market. Under SICAD, the Bolivar will have three distinct exchange rates. Right now, depending on what kind of financial transaction one is making, the Bolivar is worth 10 cents on a U.S. Dollar,  6.3 cents on a U.S. Dollar, or 3 cents on a U.S. Dollar. The lowest of the three is the real value of the Bolivar, for that is the value it is pegged at on the black market, euphemistically referred to as the "parallel market."]


Silence from the U.S.


President Maduro said that the United States remained "strangely" silent, after he denounced the White House for launching a plan for the "total collapse" of his government over the next month.


"I've been told that the White House has remained 'strangely' silent. You know every time someone says anything, some spokesperson emerges, as is the case for the current White House caretaker, and he says, 'It's a lie'. ... Or the caretaker at the State Department says something," he said.


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