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America's Asia Pivot Creates Trouble in the Region (China Daily, People's Republic of China)


Is the United States being too pushy with its 'pivot' to East Asia? According to this editorial from China's state-run media, America should reconsider the way its new posture is pushing regional leaders to choose between China and America, in favor of a closer partnership with Beijing and other nearby nations based on 'equality.'




December 1, 2012


People’s Republic of China - China Daily – Original Article (English)

The aircraft carrier USS George Washington pulls into Hong Kong: Beijing is becoming increasingly uncomfortable with America's renewed forward posture in Asia.

CCTV, CHINA [STATE-RUN]: China calls for constructive U.S. role in Asia-Pacific, Nov. 20, 00:00:54RealVideo

Carrying its banner of a return to Asia and the Pacific, the United States has triggered complicated changes in the calculations of people in the region. America's return has become a sensitive topic for many policy makers, as it appears that they will have to choose between China and the United States.


In East Asia, the interests of the U.S. and China increasingly overlap. This may lead to conflict but to further integration as well. As China and America have little choice but to co-exist in the region, why not make this an opportunity to build a new model for bilateral relations rather that a new battlefield for confrontation?


Our two nations should be clear-headed about their identities. No Southeast Asian nation welcomes hegemony. Most hope to benefit from China's robust economic growth and a sustainable American economic recovery. By working together, both countries can contribute to regional stability and prosperity.


America obviously needs to heed these hopes more than China does. In a multipolar world, there is little space left for hegemony. The United States should become a constructive cooperator that treats other nations with equality, which will result in more U.S. profits than would be the case if it acts as a hegemonic intruder.

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Such a role for America would also ease the nervousness and anxiety among countries that now feel they need to choosing sides between the U.S. and China.


China's rise has promoted regional integration and prosperity. This is an established fact and a historical trend that America must learn to adapt to.


The fate of America's return to Asia lay not in how China reacts to it, but in how America behaves in China's neighborhood.



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